ASME Bolting Specialist Qualification Program

What is the program?

Bolting Specialist Qualification Program

This program is designed to train and evaluate a bolter’s ability to inspect, assemble, disassemble and tighten bolted joints in an effective and safe manner.

Through online courses and hands-on training, successful candidates will understand and demonstrate the principles and practices of safe bolted joint assembly as outlined in Appendix A of ASME PCC-1: Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly. Successful candidates will show their ability to apply these practices in the assembly of bolted joints safely and effectively.

The program consists of four online modules and a one-day hands-on training session. Candidates who successfully complete the online courses and pass the online final examination – as well as the hands-on instructor’s evaluation – will receive the ASME Certificate for the Qualified Bolting Specialist.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in the assembly, disassembly, or quality assurance of bolted joints.

What is the Program Outline? (see below for details)

Part I: Bolting Principles and Procedures
Part II: Hands-on Tool Demonstration and Testing

Where is training currently offered?

Edmonton, Alberta
Claymont, Delaware
Houston, Texas
Sarnia, Ontario
Mobile Unit Available
In your office, plant, or facility

Part I

Bolting Principles and Procedures

This training and assessment is designed to improve the bolters knowledge of the principles and procedures involved in bolting. It is delivered in four online courses with multiple-choice reviews:

  • Part 1: Principles of the Bolted Joint and ASME PCC-1
  • Part 2: Flanges, Fasteners and Gaskets
  • Part 3: Putting It Together/Taking It Apart
  • Part 4: Bolting Safety and Tool Handling

After completing the four online courses and passing each multiple-choice review, candidates will need to submit an application to enroll in the Final Examination. In the application, candidates are required to submit verification of at least six months of bolted joint assembly experience. Once this application packet is approved, the candidate will be enrolled in the online Final Examination.

Part II

Hands-On Tool Demonstration and Testing

After passing the online Final Examination, you will be approved to attend the Hands-On Tool Demonstration and Testing.

This part of the program is delivered in a one-day training session where you will review, observe and demonstrate actual tool handling and safety principles. This session covers the practical application of the principles and practices to show that you can safely and effectively operate bolting tools and assemble functioning joints. It is designed to test and improve your skills. This section of the program can only be taken after successful completion of all four online courses and the Final Examination.

NOTE: * Individuals who successfully complete this program will be familiar with the general principles and best practices of bolted joint assembly as outlined in the current edition of ASME PCC-1, and shall have demonstrated their knowledge at the level required by Appendix A of the ASME PCC-1 Guidelines. Such individuals will be issued a certificate of completion. By issuing such certificate of completion, ASME does not “approve,” “certify,” “rate” or “endorse” any activity, imply licensure, registration or government authorization to practice any specific job function or activity or make any determination of an individual’s capabilities in applying this general knowledge within a specific work environment or under actual working conditions, and individuals shall not make any representations to the contrary. It remains the sole responsibility of the employer of any individual to determine competency for assigned tasks and work. Visit ASME’s website to learn more: