Heat Treatment

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is a controlled process in which metal is heated and cooled under tight controls to improve its properties, performance and durability. Proper heat treating requires very precise control of temperature over time.Thermal processing is critical for safe and efficient operation in all Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Energy sectors, as well as many Industrial, Civil and Commercial operations. As engineered metals and Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic steel (CSEF) drive increased performance requirements, customer demands are driving increased quality control while demanding reduction in costs.

Integra Technologies has built a solid reputation on High Standards, Quality, Safety, and Integrity. Integra Technologies Heat Treatment service line continues this tradition by retaining and partnering with the best trained Technicians in the industry. With a vested partnership in the company, our Technicians understand codes and requirements and always do right thing. They have an active interest in the success of your project and quality expectations are met or exceeded every time.

  • Welding Preheat
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment – PWHT
  • Tempering
  • Quenching
  • Normalizing
  • Case Hardening
  • Hydrogen Bake Out
  • Line Thaws
  • Refractory Dry-out’s
  • Phenolic Cures
  • Coating Cures
  • Heat/Shrink Expansion
  • Ring/nut removal
  • Permanent and Temporary Furnaces
  • Warming Systems
  • Decontamination