INTEGRA Engineered Product Overview

  1. 5x Faster Breakouts
  2. No change of work procedures.
  3. Meets ASTM F436 specifics for material, hardness, and fitment.


  1. Reduce task duration by up to 80%
  2. Eliminate unnecessary delays caused by thread galling
  3. Substantially improve bolt load accuracy for leak-free outcomes

  1. Exclusive auto-retract system
  2. Measurable on-the-job advantages during installation and ongoing servicing
  3. Hazard free seals

INTEGRA® Engineered Products is dedicated to
providing engineered solutions to answer industry problems.

With over 60 years of combined bolting engineering expertise,
INTEGRA® Engineered Products continues to develop innovative products that increase speed,
accuracy and safety of bolting processes for topside and subsea applications.