Press Release: Pop-Washer™

Maintenance supervisors, operators amazed by Pop-Washer™ results Martinez, CA – A refinery owner needed a safer, faster, and better method to breakout their critical path DCU flanges. The DCU cycled from 150°F to 900°F every 18 hours and breakout had traditionally been a dangerous and dreaded challenge. Operators had to rely on torches and nut splitters to remove seized nuts every breakout. In September, they chose to install the patented Pop-Washer™ technology developed by BlackHawk™ Engineered Products on one of their four units. Here’s how their breakouts changed:

Before Pop-Washer™

  • Up to 75% of the studs had to be burned off
  • Hot work permits were required
  • Up to ½ shift of delays
  • New hardware was purchased every breakout

After Pop-Washer™

  • All nuts were spun off by hand
  • Entire disassembly took 88 Minutes
  • 78% Reduction in breakout time
  • All hardware was left in good condition

The safety, speed, and simplicity amazed the maintenance supervisors, operators, and on-site crafts who were there to witness the results. A refinery maintenance supervisor commented, “The safety aspect alone (of not) having to use a torch is a huge savings to us.” Pop-Washers™ are now written into the maintenance procedures for all four units. (C) INTEGRA Technologies Limited and INTEGRA Services Technologies, Inc. 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Frequently Asked Questions

The drive piston automatically retracts after each operation to ensure correct piston stroke every time.

Tools are lighter in weight, smaller in size, yet produces much higher applied loads to deliver greater clamping force.

The tool socket is permanently built into the head. Simplifies and speeds up installations/removal. Eliminates delays due to misplaced or lost sockets

Duel inlet and outlet parts make it much easier to quickly and safely install/remove hose harness.

In the unlikely event of a seal failure, oil pressure is dispersed inside the tool housing thus eliminating the danger of a high pressure blow out.

High visibility maximum stroke indicator. Captured socket for faster operation. Fits all standard flanges. Piston over-stroke prevention.

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