Press Release: Pop-Washer™

Maintenance supervisors, operators amazed by Pop-Washer™ results

Martinez, CA – A refinery owner needed a safer, faster, and better method to breakout their critical path DCU flanges. The DCU cycled from 150°F to 900°F every 18 hours and breakout had traditionally been a dangerous and dreaded challenge. Operators had to rely on torches and nut splitters to remove seized nuts every breakout. In September, they chose to install the patented Pop-Washer™ technology developed by BlackHawk™ Engineered Products on one of their four units. Here’s how their breakouts changed:

Before Pop-Washer™

  • Up to 75% of the studs had to be burned off
  • Hot work permits were required
  • Up to ½ shift of delays
  • New hardware was purchased every breakout

After Pop-Washer™

  • All nuts were spun off by hand
  • Entire disassembly took 88 Minutes
  • 78% Reduction in breakout time
  • All hardware was left in good condition

The safety, speed, and simplicity amazed the maintenance supervisors, operators, and on-site crafts who were there to witness the results. A refinery maintenance supervisor commented, “The safety aspect alone (of not) having to use a torch is a huge savings to us.”

Pop-Washers™ are now written into the maintenance procedures for all four units.

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