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Equipment Rentals

When you have all the expertise and manpower you need but just don’t have the right equipment, contact our Rentals division. From hydraulic equipment, to nut splitters, to our patented Seastallion Subsea Bolt Tensioners, we have the tools you need to complete multi-flange, multi-unit, and multi-site projects. Whether you need one or two items, or our comprehensive InBox tool rental system, INTEGRA is your source for the equipment rentals you need near you to ensure a leak-free start-up on time, every time.

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Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning

There is a common need across the energy industry for a safe, time effective, accurate, and reliable method of applying bolt load. INTEGRA Technologies is purposefully dedicated to meeting the industry’s…

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Machining Equipment

INTEGRA Technologies is the industry’s provider of quality machining equipment rentals. We have a large inventory and variety of tooling to supply any sized project. From flange facing equipment to portable mills…

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Hydraulic Bolt Torquing

Applying a consistent, uniform amount of torque to the flanges is a critical part of any maintenance or construction project. INTEGRA Technologies has a wide assortment of torque wrenches available for any project…

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Pipe Isolation

INTEGRA Technologies hydrostatic plug test tools are used to identify leaks and structural flaws in field welds. We can perform hydrostatic testing services up to 2,250 psi…

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Nut Splitters

INTEGRA Technologies Hydraulic Nut Splitter offers a reliable and effective solution to the removal of seized and corroded nuts. Designed for maximum life and minimum installation time…

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Seastallion™ Subsea Bolt Tensioners

Since the early 1980’s INTEGRA has been the leading provider of subsea tensioning equipment in the Gulf of Mexico. The Offshore Subsea environment demands…

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Subsea Nut Splitters

INTEGRA’s Subsea Hydraulic Nut Splitter offers a reliable and effective solution to the removal of seized and corroded nuts…

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