Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning


Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Equipment

There is a common need across the energy industry for a safe, time effective, accurate, and reliable method of applying bolt load. INTEGRA Technologies is purposefully dedicated to meeting the industry’s needs as tensioning specialists by providing the proper tooling for each individual application.

Hydraulic bolt tensioning is the fast, simple, safe, and accurate method of tightening bolts and studs.


Exclusive Auto-Retract System:

The drive piston automatically retracts after each operation to ensure correct piston stroke every time.

Superior Hydraulic Loading :

Tools are lighter in weight, smaller in size, yet produces much higher applied loads to deliver greater clamping force.

Built-In Tool Socket :

The tool socket is permanently built into the head. Simplifies and speeds up installations/removal. Eliminates delays due to misplaced or lost sockets

Safer Connections:

Duel inlet and outlet parts make it much easier to quickly and safely install/remove hose harness.

Hazard Free Seals:

In the unlikely event of a seal failure, oil pressure is dispersed inside the tool housing thus eliminating the danger of a high pressure blow out.

Additional Information:

High visibility maximum stroke indicator. Captured socket for faster operation. Fits all standard flanges. Piston over-stroke prevention.

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