The people of INTEGRA Technologies take pride in developing innovative answers to the energy industry’s most demanding challenges. As a company, INTEGRA Technologies understands that a successful business is comprised of successful people.

Employees are provided with the proper tools and guidance to create efficient solutions and effective means of support to our clients. By utilizing unique skill sets placed in calculated career positions, INTEGRA Technologies continues to nurture a positive environment and grow not only as an enterprise, but as a family.


Work is a central part of our lives. INTEGRA is committed to partnering with all employees to ensure that each of us feels valued and supported to make meaningful contributions that ensure our success as a company.

Our Values and Beliefs are the foundation of who we are. We believe in high standards of trust and integrity that we apply equally to our relationships with customers, suppliers and coworkers.

INTEGRA is as strong as its people. With this core understanding, our vision is to cultivate and sustain job satisfaction by intentionally fostering a fulfilling environment where employees’ unique abilities are understood, utilized and nurtured.

To explore current opportunities with us, please visit: https://ca.indeed.com/cmp/Integra-Technologies-Ltd.-1

Meet the Team

Meet Walter Pietersma, Technician in Edmonton

Meet the Team – Gulf Coast

Meet Roger Neves, Machinist in Edmonton

Meet Greg Platten, Technician in Sarnia

Meet James Burdan, Technician in Sarnia

Meet Lee Campbell, LDAR Coordinator in Sarnia