We offer a full suite of Power Generation Services

Since 1986, INTEGRA Technologies has integrated the most advanced technologies and services to provide the highest level of Certainty of Outcome℠. We are committed to slashing overall outage time for turbine overhauls and delivering zero leaks, zero accidents, and zero delays.

Induction Bolt Heating Hex Icon

Induction Bolt Heating

Induction Bolt Heating is rapidly replacing traditional methods that are very slow and dangerous. INTEGRA’s controlled heating technology is on the leading edge of this industry breakthrough…

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Pipe Support Rod Services

High thermal cycling of a Power Generation Unit means variable support loading and stresses to the piping. Possible permanent creep deformation, reduced system-operating life and other major failures are avoidable…

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Sling Rod Analysis

Incorrectly loaded sling rods can cause a number of problems including permanent deformation, tube weld cracking, shortening the life of the boiler, and catastrophic failure. For decades, INTEGRA has offered…

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Onsite Sleeve & Bolt Machining

Line bored coupling holes are only as good as the preciseness of the hydraulic bolt sleeve or fitted bolt to be installed. Using our on-site lathe, hydraulic coupling bolt precision sleeve machining brings…

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Installation & Removal of Coupling Bolts

INTEGRA Coupling Services has been a key player in the development, servicing, training and installation of Hydraulic Radial-Fit Bolts. The hydraulic coupling bolts overcome many of the problems associated with conventional…

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Turbine Closure System

INTEGRA’s Turbine Closure System service replaces traditional time consuming bolting methods. To close the horizontal joint we apply a simultaneous load to existing shell fasteners using a series of specialized hydraulic load cells. The system requires…

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Coupling Line Boring

Misshaped bolt holes cause coupling vibration and can create serious schedule delays during the removal and installation of bolts. INTEGRA Coupling Services’ TRU-Bore™ Coupling Line Boring System provides…