Installation & Removal of Coupling Bolts

Installation & Removal of Coupling Bolts

Hydraulic Radial-Fit Bolts.

INTEGRA Coupling Services has been a key player in the development, servicing, training and installation of Hydraulic Radial-Fit Bolts. The hydraulic coupling bolts overcome many of the problems associated with conventional coupling bolts and quickly help to re-establish coupling concentricity. Proper machining of coupling holes and sleeves are vital for efficient assembly and disassembly of hydraulic coupling bolts.

Coupling holes and bolt assemblies are uniquely marked to ensure each bolt assembly is installed in its corresponding hole in a sequence that reduces the number of shaft rotations, with the sleeve properly positioned in the hole in the correct position, and the bolt clamp force tension properly applied without damage to the coupling assembly the process is completed in a safe and productive manner.

Disassembly can usually be accomplished using the oil injection process for ease of bolt removal or, in some situations, a combination of oil injection and use of tensioning equipment is needed. Knowledge of these combined methods is critical to prevent schedule creep, avoid damage to the assembly while maintaining a safe work environment. Once bolt assemblies have been removed each part and bolt hole is inspected, conditions found documented, and repairs made as necessary prior to reassembly.

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