Inbox Tool Rental Solution

For over 30 years, INTEGRA Technologies has provided equipment rentals to help execute major turnarounds, shutdowns, and maintenance across the North American energy infrastructure. Customers come to INTEGRA when they want more than just a piece of equipment: they need a trusted partner to ensure leak-free and safe outcomes, at a lower overall cost.

To help meet the complex needs of shutdown and turnaround planning, INTEGRA presents InBox™: Tool Rental Solution, the one-stop and cost-effective solution for bolting, machining, and pipe isolation equipment to be used by all on-site personnel.

But with InBox, it is more than just a box of tools. Depending on the scope of your project, you can choose to customize it precisely to your needs:

Before the job starts, one of our experts will conduct a detailed job walk, confirming exactly what equipment you need, and in what areas.  You get the right tooling at one set daily price to ensure proper planning, both financially and operationally. Our specialized Engineering team can also help you develop procedures to solve any chronic leak issues. Leave the bolting to us so you can get on with the rest of your job.

With INTEGRA SMART™ Tools, using our tool tracking technology, all calibrations, procedures, and training documentation is available by a simple scan of the tool. Ensure compliance by viewing the results immediately on your smartphone in the field or back at the office. Plus, you receive a FlangeTrak™ daily report after every shift detailing the use of every tool.

If you need it, an INTEGRA subject matter expert can be available onsite 24/7 to help you stay compliant, whether it is bolting procedures or quick-fixing a tool to get you back to work fast.

Need your personnel to be trained on the tools and procedures?  As an ASME Authorized Training Provider, INTEGRA Technologies provides onsite and hands-on training to get your crafts personnel proficient in the principles and practices of safe bolted joint assembly as outlined in Appendix A of ASME PCC-1.

At the end of the day – any one can provide a box of equipment – but with InBox™, containing INTEGRA’s SMART™ Tooling, you’re getting more than just a rental: you’re getting the whole package lowering your overall maintenance cost. Contact us today to learn more.

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Certainty that your costs are staying in budget


Certainty that you have the correct tooling on-site


Certainty that the equipment will work with experts to give advice

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