Field Machining

We solve your most complex problems to achieve zero leak outcomes

INTEGRA Technologies has been machining the world’s critical joints since 1995. INTEGRA Technologies provides a wide range of on-site machining services from pipe cutting, beveling to portable milling. INTEGRA’s qualified and experienced field technicians have decades of experience providing field machining solutions for your highly complex and unique needs, be it a turnaround or an emergency call-out. We have a proven ability to complete major project requirements with the help of our extensive machining equipment and look forward to helping you achieve Certainty of Outcome on your next project.


Stud Drilling

The BlackWidow™ Stud Drilling System is a unique flange centered stud drilling technique and is the solution for seized studs. Highly accurate and safe, the BlackWidow™ Stud Drilling System ensures your assets…

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Portable Milling

INTEGRA can provide subject matter experts and the right equipment to mill many types of equipment, including mill pump bases, motor bases, and keyways on shafts. Our team can level to 0.002″ per foot….

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Pipe Cutting

INTEGRA Technologies’ machines are engineered to cut, bevel, counterbore, single point, and flange face on all pipe and tubing ranging from 2″ – 177″. Because we are not tied into one brand of tooling, INTEGRA Technologies…

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Flange Facing

Many major plant outages require machining services with a substantial proportion of pipecutting, weld prepping, and heat exchanger face re-facing. Our proven know-how and equipment…

INTEGRA Technologies Machining Equipment includes:

  • Coupling Line Boring
  • Drills, Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Base
  • Tube Beveller
  • Flange Facers – both ID and OD
  • Key Way Cutter
  • Lathes
  • Line Boring
  • Milling Machine
  • Pipe Cutting & Beveling
  • Pneumatic Saw
  • Portable Lathes
  • Travel Cutter
  • Repairs/Calibration

Accessories: Bars, Chucks, Counterbores, Cross Bar, Feed Box, Fly Cutter, Lens Ring Attachment, Motors, Out of Round Slide, Spade Bits, and Tube Sheet Mounters

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our subject matter technicians are tested yearly to ensure you receive Certainty of Outcome in your work scope.

Pipe cutting, milling, flange facing, coupling line boring (CLB), line boring, stud drilling, nut drilling, and more.

Coupling line boring, Drills magnetic and non-magnetic base, Tube beveller, Flange facers – both ID and OD, Key way cutter, Lathes, Line boring, Milling machine, Pipe cutting & beveling, Pneumatic saw, Portable lathes, Travel cutter, Repairs/Calibration

We work with our subject matter experts to develop unique approaches to solve your most complex problems. This includes modifying our machines when necessary to fit your unique asset and requirements.