About Us

The INTEGRA Difference


We understand the importance of engineering, both in the design of products and the development of services.


We get the job done right understanding the How and the Why.


We combine integrity with services, processes, procedures, talent and know-how.


We set the bar ourselves because we are able to set it higher than anyone else.


We don’t become so diversified that we can no longer do our job with excellence.


We look for ways to provide lagniappe (a little something extra) to each customer.

Our History

Since 1986, the personnel of today’s INTEGRA have been developing services and products to achieve leak-free critical path asset utilization. At the heart of our business is the continuous combination of technology, application expertise and skilled, experienced personnel.

We began as the Bolting Services Group of Westinghouse Nuclear where we introduced ultrasonic technologies and processes. We also developed hydraulic tensioning products specifically for Westinghouse turbines. We continued our business progress and became the Bolting Services Group of the Flexitallic Gasket Company where we added in-depth knowledge of gasket design and interaction, with a particular specialty in understanding and dealing with ring joint flanges.

Next, we became the North American Service Group of Hydratight where we developed the first turbine casing closure systems and turbine coupling machines for use in fossil and nuclear markets. We also introduced hydraulic tensioning tooling and processes to the subsea market in the Gulf of Mexico. In 1995, we became INTEGRA Technologies.

Since that time we have continued to develop our core capabilities and have added additional technologies and services taking us all the way to maximizing asset utilization.

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Values & Beliefs

Work is a central part of our lives. INTEGRA is committed to partnering with all employees to ensure that each of us feels valued and supported to make meaningful contributions that ensure our success as a company.

Our Values and Beliefs are the foundation of who we are. We believe in high standards of trust and integrity that we apply equally to our relationships with customers, suppliers and coworkers.

INTEGRA is as strong as its people. With this core understanding, our vision is to cultivate and sustain job satisfaction by intentionally fostering a fulfilling environment where employees’ unique abilities are understood, utilized and nurtured.