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Patent Numbers

Foundation Bolt Tensioner, Hydraulic Foundation Bolt Tensioner

2632965 (Canada), 8,328,482 B2 (USA)

Hydraulic Nut and Improved Seal Therefor

8,556,557 B2 (USA)

Hydraulic Nut Assembly, HPHN, Hydraulic Nut and Method of Use Thereof

2,496,933 (Canada)

Hydraulic Union Assembly

2,496,327 (Canada)

Load Relief Washer Assembly for Threaded Fasteners

8,579,572 B1 (USA), 2794673 (Canada), PCT/US2013/051470 (China), 2875245 (Europe), PCT/US2013/051470 (India), PCT/US2013/051470 (Japan), PCT/US2013/051470 (Mexico)

Unibody Hydraulic Nut

PI0708023-9 (Brazil), 2576644 (Canada), 1979630 (Europe)

Unibody Hydraulic Nut (VAL-015)

1979630 (France), 60 2007 031 817.3 (Germany), 1979630 (Italy), 1979630 (United Kingdom)

Unibody Hydraulic Nut, MST

7,673,849 B2 (USA)