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Unique challenges require unique solutions. At INTEGRA, our engineers solve problems no one else can. From our patented tensioners and Blackhawk Hydraulic Nuts to our revolutionary Velocity Washer, INTEGRA has the products you need to stop most leaks before they start. And if we don’t, we can design it. Please feel free to browse our white papers on this page and reach out to discuss with one of our experts.

Principles of Joint Integrity Hex Icon

Principles Of Joint Integrity

In Episode #1 of the Principles of Joint Integrity series, we will be centered on an issue that continues to plague the energy industry: the galling of threaded fasteners. In Episode #2 of the Principles of Joint Integrity…

Hydraulic Nuts versus Torquing Hex Icon

BlackHawk™ Hydraulic Nuts vs. Torquing

The fundamental decision for flange assembly is whether to torque or tension. Hytorc Clamp Nut is a torquing process. Existing nuts are replaced with the clamp nut. The clamp nut is made up of an inner sleeve…

Critical Connections Demand Certainty Hex Icon

Critical Connections Demand Certainty

Common knowledge dictates that planning ahead ensures effective results, regardless of the task at hand. Controlling the process is essential to controlling the outcome. Operations in the chemical process…

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What Is Galling?

Galling is a common complication that arises when fastening or disassembling threaded components. It can result in damage to the threaded features or seizing of said components. Such damage or seizing can often be costly…

Hydraulic Nuts on Nuclear Plant Flanges Hex Icon

Hydraulic Nuts on Nuclear Plant Flanges

New High Performance Hydraulic Nuts (hydraulic nuts) were recently developed to meet the power market need for leak prevention, thus ensuring reliability when it is most needed and profitable. Installation is safer…

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Press Release: BlackHawk™ Hydraulic Nut

Benicia, CA – INTEGRA® Services Technologies is pleased to announce the flawless removal of two reactor heads during a catalyst change turnaround at a U.S. west coast refinery in April of this year…

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Press Release: Pop-Washer™

Maintenance supervisors, operators amazed by Pop-Washer™ results Martinez, CA – A refinery owner needed a safer, faster, and better method to breakout their critical path DCU flanges. The DCU cycled…