Talon™ Art Tensioners

Speed up your routine maintenance.

As a leader in bolting technology for more than a quarter century, INTEGRA® Engineered Products has developed TALON™ Auto-Retract Bolt Tensioners, the best bolting technology for your turnaround and construction projects, providing significant increases in both productivity and safety.

TALON™ ART Bolt Tensioners are the innovative result from decades of field services, developed from a crystal clear understanding of the hands-on struggles with antiquated technology. The many leading-edge features incorporated into TALON™ ART Bolt Tensioners deliver measurable on-the-job advantages during installation, as well as ongoing servicing.

Experience the highest level of Certainty of Outcome℠ with the unique TALON™ Auto-Retract Bolt Tensioning System. And importantly, get back to profitable production sooner.