Certainty of Outcome

We work in a multi-billion-dollar industry where the consequences of failure extend far beyond the economic. Unexpected challenges arise at inopportune times, with consequences ranging from inconvenient to dangerous. At best, these challenges cause project creep and loss of revenue. At worst, they threaten the personal and environmental safety of our workers, their families, and our communities. In short, we cannot afford to make mistakes.

We require certainty of outcome.

We need to know that machines will work as designed. Operations will proceed as scheduled. Products will be delivered as promised, and our workers will go home safely at the end of the day. How can we achieve such certainty in an uncertain world? Through a combination of two key factors: communication and expertise.

Open communication is necessary to achieve certainty of outcome, both internally and with trusted service providers. Before a problem can be addressed or a procedure implemented, all parties involved must understand all parameters, contributing factors, and potential constraints. Even small or seemingly unrelated factors such as gasket material, bolt length, or even the type of lubricant used can impede goals, thus requiring clear and comprehensive conversations throughout planning and implementation.

                 INTEGRA employees ensuring Certainty of Outcome

Identifying Goals

The first of those conversations must define the ideal outcome.  We must make sure we are working toward the same goal, and while that goal is most often to develop a leak-free assembly, the path forward may vary. For example, speeding up the process toward a leak-free assembly requires a different approach than identifying and addressing nagging problems in an established system. It is not uncommon for different parties to envision different priorities for the same project, or even to be unaware of some possible outcomes available within the industry. When we begin this process with the end in sight, we may find alternatives to solutions already attempted or to common industry standards.  In many cases, our engineers design those solutions themselves.

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Identifying Problems

With a clear understanding of the end goal, we can begin to identify the presenting problem.  This phase also requires communication guided by an expert on bolted joint assemblies. The underlying issue is not always the obvious one, because a multitude of factors can resemble the same event. Insufficient bolt load, use of the incorrect gasket design or material, or improper installation of the gasket can all result in a leak but require different solutions. If we make assumptions about the problems we see on the surface, we might overlook important contributing factors.

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Identifying Constraints

Finally, we must address possible constraints that might prevent bridging the gap between the current operation and the ideal goal. We must consider what is possible from a technical standpoint, as well as which solutions will fit within the budget available.

The Bolted Joint Specialist

All of these conversations are facilitated by the unique expertise Integra offers. When we use the term “Certainty of Outcome,” we aren’t throwing around a generic promise of satisfaction. We’re referring to a finely honed process guided by decades of dedicated attention to all facets of the bolted joint assembly. There are a lot of people with a lot of knowledge in this industry, but very few engineers are specially trained in this targeted focus. Our workers live and breathe bolted joints. That’s how we know which questions to ask. It’s how we know which parameters to define and which challenges to circumvent. It’s how we ensure the outcome you require.

INTEGRA is an ASME Authorized Training Provider

There’s an old saying that an expert will tell you the source of a problem before that problem occurs. If they don’t tell you until afterward, it’s an excuse. At Integra, our expertise facilitates the foresight to predict pitfalls before they occur, and that is how we achieve certainty of outcome.