We build the smarts into our tools.

What happens if you can only get 85% of the manpower required for your next turnaround? What if the number of highly skilled technicians available dropped by 20%? Not to mention, you can’t cut your scope or extend your time line. All this and you are still required to deliver on-time, on-budget and zero-accident results.

You need a way to get more done in a single shift with the people you will have. You need a way to supplement or replace lost experience. You require Certainty of Outcome℠.

As the pool of highly experienced technicians shrinks due to retirement, there is a need to address this shortfall which impacts capacity, productivity and results. That is why INTEGRA® Technologies presents INTEGRA® Engineered Products, providing greater capacity and improved productivity while delivering Certainty of Outcome℠ to bolted assemblies through technology. Technology which has experience built-in and a proven industry record.

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