We build the smarts into our tools.

What happens if you can only get 85% of the manpower required for your next turnaround? What if the number of highly skilled technicians available dropped by 20%? Not to mention, you can’t cut your scope or extend your time line. All this and you are still required to deliver on-time, on-budget and zero-accident results.

You need a way to get more done in a single shift with the people you will have. You need a way to supplement or replace lost experience. You require Certainty of Outcome℠.

As the pool of highly experienced technicians shrinks due to retirement, there is a need to address this shortfall which impacts capacity, productivity and results. That is why INTEGRA® Technologies presents INTEGRA® Engineered Products, providing greater capacity and improved productivity while delivering Certainty of Outcome℠ to bolted assemblies through technology. Technology which has experience built-in and a proven industry record.

Velocity Washer™ is a patented technology designed to give you 5x faster breakouts. Velocity Washer™ is installed just like a normal washer.

To install, simply place the Velocity Washer™ on the stud. Due to its symmetric design, it can’t be installed in the wrong orientation, delivering the simplest installation. You then torque the nut on using standard procedures: there are no special tools. Just put them on and go.

 For breakout, all you need to do is turn the nut 12 degrees to the left. The Velocity Washer™ will pop and all load will be removed, allowing the nut to the easily run off – and giving you a breakout that’s 5x faster than ever before.

 Patented – US Patent #8,579,572

Eliminate your seized nuts.

The Pop-Washer™ is the innovative result from over 30 years of service experience in the Energy industry. We’ve seen first-hand how unexpected bolting issues can result in significant increases to your schedule, or in some cases, bring it to a grinding halt.

Installing Pop-Washer™ on your critical bolted assemblies will provide you with Certainty of Outcome℠, by eliminating seized nuts and ensuring your critical path schedule is met. With both skilled labor and time at a premium, reduce headaches caused by emergency mobilizations and budget overruns to solve unexpected problems. Keep your workforce safe, protect your valuable assets, and ensure the job gets done on-time, every time. Install Pop-Washer™ to speed up and simplify the disassembly of your bolted joints today.

Patented – US Patent #8,579,572

Reduce task duration by up to 80%.

A breakthrough technology that drastically speeds up turnaround maintenance on your critical equipment. Installed on applications throughout the industry, such as Reactor Vessels and Heat Exchangers, breakout of large, high pressure flanges can be slashed to less than two hours, using half the manpower. By providing the highest level of Certainty of Outcome℠, BlackHawk™ Hydraulic Nuts enable you to predictably shorten the critical path schedule for the total turnaround project.

BlackHawk™ Hydraulic Nuts will eliminate unnecessary delays caused by thread galling and substantially improve bolt load accuracy for leak-free outcome. Click here to learn how it works.

Speed up your routine maintenance.

As a leader in bolting technology for more than a quarter century, INTEGRA® Engineered Products has developed TALON™ Auto-Retract Bolt Tensioners, the best bolting technology for your turnaround and construction projects, providing significant increases in both productivity and safety.

TALON™ ART Bolt Tensioners are the innovative result from decades of field services, developed from a crystal clear understanding of the hands-on struggles with antiquated technology. The many leading-edge features incorporated into TALON™ ART Bolt Tensioners deliver measurable on-the-job advantages during installation, as well as ongoing servicing.

Experience the highest level of Certainty of Outcome℠ with the unique TALON™ Auto-Retract Bolt Tensioning System. And importantly, get back to profitable production sooner.

Simultaneous bolting. Topside or subsea.

The innovative and field proven VIPER™ ROV Simultaneous Bolting System was developed from the industry need to greatly increase the speed and accuracy of ROV bolting. With boat and ROV costs at a premium, the VIPER™ system provides significant returns by decreasing the bolting execution time from days to a few hours – no matter how many bolts are being loaded simultaneously.

VIPER™ Simultaneous Bolting System has proven performance in the industry. When operated by ROV on a Gulf of Mexico pipeline repair clamp at 3500ft water depth, the entire bolting procedure took under 6 hours.

Patented – US Patent #7,673,849 and Worldwide.


INTEGRA® Engineered Products is dedicated to
providing engineered solutions to answer industry problems.

With over 60 years of combined bolting engineering expertise,
INTEGRA® Engineered Products continues to develop innovative products that increase speed,
accuracy and safety of bolting processes for topside and subsea applications.

Licensing Opportunities Available

Opportunities exist to license INTEGRA® Engineered products. These products include Unibody Hydraulic Nuts, Talon™ Automatic Retract Bolt Tensioners and Load-Relief Washer Assemblies for Threaded Fasteners.

For more information on our products, contact the INTEGRA® Engineering Group at 800-779-2658