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We are North America’s leader in Bolt Tensioning

Controlled Bolting is part of INTEGRA’s DNA. It is at the very foundation of our expertise in delivering zero leak outcomes. We are proud of our history and committed to the continuous improvement of our controlled bolting capabilities. Whether you require hydraulic bolt tensioning or bolt torquing, we can help you generate Certainty of Outcome with ultrasonic bolt load monitoring and our exclusive FlangeTrak software. Read on to find out how INTEGRA can help you establish 100% leak prevention with a safe and productive workforce.

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B.O.S.S. BreakOut Specialty Solutions

During routine maintenance and major turnarounds, conventional wisdom in the Energy industry dictates the most important thing to do is get things back together. Of course, final assembly…

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ECHO™ Precision Bolt Load Monitoring

Bolt load accuracy is essential to zero leak performance, and control of the bolt preload is essential to achieving bolt load accuracy. ECHO Precision Bolt Load Monitoring ensures accurate….

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Utilize INTEGRA’s proprietary FlangeTrak® software and process to track individual flange and project completion in real time. Created by INTEGRA, FlangeTrak® links construction today to future…

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Bolt Torquing

For over three decades, INTEGRA Technologies has provided bolt torquing solutions in the refining, petro chemical, nuclear, fossil, and subsea industries. As a recognized expert, INTEGRA Technologies is committed…

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Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning

There is a common need across the energy industry for a safe, time effective, accurate, and reliable method of applying bolt load. INTEGRA Technologies is purposefully dedicated to meeting the industry’s needs…