Utilize INTEGRA’s proprietary FlangeTrak® software and process to track individual flange and project completion in real time. Created by INTEGRA, FlangeTrak® links construction today to future maintenance activities to help you plan projects effectively. Achieve Certainty of Outcome with FlangeTrak® to eliminate leaks and unpredictable turnaround, and watch your productivity and safety rise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

INTEGRA’s FlangeTrak® Leak Prevention Process was created over 25 years ago and represents the industry’s leading Flange Management Program. The recording of flange assembly and performance history remains one of the industry’s least managed processes. To control the outcome, we must control the process. Created by INTEGRA, FlangeTrak® is the flange management tool and software we use to record the execution details of critical bolting services we provide. All details and information are delivered to the asset owner upon completion of work to prove the work was done right the first time.

FlangeTrak® is a unique software and process invented by INTEGRA Technologies. It has been in use for over 20 years.

Currently, there are over 100,000 unique flanges in the FlangeTrak® system.

Yes, FlangeTrak® uses advanced data security techniques and policies to ensure your data is protected. We take our clients’ data security extremely seriously.

FlangeTrak® addresses the critical need for safety and reliability of the pressure integrity of a process plant by delivering continuous improvement and Quality Assurance.

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