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30+ Years of experience in identifying, preventing, and correcting leaks

When you need the job done right, but your manpower and resources are required elsewhere, you need INTEGRA’s services. From hydraulic bolt tensioning, to field machining, to environmental monitoring, our expert technicians can meet your onshore and offshore needs. Find out how our decades of experience and dedication to safety and reliability have made us the service provider industry leaders trust.

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Controlled Bolting

Controlled Bolting is part of INTEGRA’s DNA. It is at the very foundation of our expertise in delivering zero leak outcomes. We are proud of our history and committed to the continuous improvement…

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Field Machining

INTEGRA Technologies has been machining the world’s critical joints since 1995. INTEGRA’s qualified and experienced field technicians, combined with the right equipment, have decades of experience in providing field…

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Leak Detection

INTEGRA Technologies is an industry leader in Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program management and implementation. Our vast experience in the oil and gas, mining and power industries combined…

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Hydrostatic Testing

INTEGRA Technologies hydrostatic plug test tools are used to identify leaks and structural flaws in field welds. We can perform hydrostatic testing services up to 2,250 psi and can accommodate pipe…

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Power Generation

Since 1986, INTEGRA Technologies has integrated the most advanced technologies and services to provide the highest level of Certainty of Outcome. We are committed to slashing overall outage time for turbine overhauls….