Turbine Closure System

Turbine Closure System

Confidently determine clearances.

INTEGRA’s Turbine Closure System service replaces traditional time consuming bolting methods. To close the horizontal joint we apply a simultaneous load to existing shell fasteners using a series of specialized hydraulic load cells. The system requires no modifications to the turbine’s present bolting arrangement.

The load cells are simply and quickly installed onto the unit’s service studs and pressurized. This results in full flange-to-flange contact in a matter of minutes. The inner and outer shells can even be tensioned at the same time. On a typical 500-600 MW unit, the initial installation, pressurization and subsequent removal of an entire Turbine Closure System can often be completed in 2-4 hours.

As a result, Tops-On alignments which used to require two to three days to perform can now be done in a few shifts. The System is also often used to rapidly close horizontal joints during final reassembly of turbines, thus saving even more time.

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