Onsite Sleeve & Bolt Machining

Line bored coupling holes are only as good as the preciseness of the hydraulic bolt sleeve or fitted bolt to be installed.

Using our on-site lathe, hydraulic coupling bolt precision sleeve machining brings together the close tolerance relationship between the hole and the sleeve to provide effective application of the hydraulic coupling bolt system.

Where fitted coupling bolts are used this same level of precision machining applies to provide the proper clearances needed between the coupling bolt and coupling hole.

Onsite Sleeve & Bolt Machining Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

The drive piston automatically retracts after each operation to ensure correct piston stroke every time.

Tools are lighter in weight, smaller in size, yet produces much higher applied loads to deliver greater clamping force.

The tool socket is permanently built into the head. Simplifies and speeds up installations/removal. Eliminates delays due to misplaced or lost sockets

Duel inlet and outlet parts make it much easier to quickly and safely install/remove hose harness.

In the unlikely event of a seal failure, oil pressure is dispersed inside the tool housing thus eliminating the danger of a high pressure blow out.

High visibility maximum stroke indicator. Captured socket for faster operation. Fits all standard flanges. Piston over-stroke prevention.

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