Seastallion™ Subsea Bolt Tensioners

Unique SEAStallion™ Split Reaction Nut
30mm Extended Piston Stroke
Compact Design and Tool Range


Subsea Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Equipment

Since the early 1980’s INTEGRA has been the leading provider of subsea tensioning equipment in the Gulf of Mexico. The Offshore Subsea environment demands tools that will be reliable, safe and easy to operate and the INTEGRA SEAStallion has been designed to meet these needs.



Scalloped Split Reaction Nut:

The unique SEAStallion Reaction Nut is scalloped for better grip and confident handling and is ideal for damaged nuts.

Extended Piston Stroke:

30mm Piston Stroke on the SS2 through the SS7 allows for tensioning on numerous flanges without retracting the ram.

Piston Over-Stroke Prevention:

Stroke Indicator on the ram allows for use of Maximum Stroke without over-stroking the ram or loosing oil pressure.

Compact Design and Tool Range:

Not only is the SEAStallion small and light, you only 4 tools to cover 1″ – 3-1/2″ sizes and 7 tools to cover the full range of flange sizes.

High Bolt Loads and Simple Hose Connections:

Maximum Operating Pressure of 21,750-psi with duel ports to eliminate the need for a tee block.