The Claw™ Grapple

Safe and Fast
Max. Load: 40 tons
Max. Pipe Diameter: 48″

The Claw™ – 40 Ton Grapple

Pinch, pull or drag.

INTEGRA’s Claw™ has been designed to pick up debris from the ocean floor. Hydraulic powered claws can pinch, pull or drag heavy objects and pick up multiple pieces of debris at the same time.

INTEGRA’s Claw™ has an attachment that can be fitted, providing a point where material handling equipment can connect to the object for movement or the attachment can be used as a point for tie down, allowing heavy items to be held firmly in place with the use of ropes or chains.

The Claw™ has a rating of 40 tons and can be used to pick up objects with a diameter of 0″ to 48″.

There are three ways to control The Claw™: from the control station on the Power Unit, from the wired remote control box or from a wireless remote.