AquaPlug™ Pipe Isolation Plugs

Reduce time testing welds
Weld test capabilities up to 2,250psi
Accommodate pipe sizes from 3/4″ to 30″


Ensure asset integrity.

INTEGRA Technologies provides pipeline isolation to allow work or operations to be carried out safely.

Our AquaPlug™ is a double block and bleed system that safely isolates the environment from residual products. Once the isolation plug is pressurized, INTEGRA Technologies can monitor upstream pressure to assure the isolation will not fail and become projectile, and also monitor any back pressure that may have been accidentally introduced to the line after the line has been isolated.

In certain applications, we use Python-Plug™ High Pressure Isolation Plugs. Unlike other plugs that can loosen and eject under pressure, Python-Plug™ uses test pressure to seal securely against the pipe inner diameter resulting in a safer installation.