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Everything we do ensures the safety and reliability of the energy infrastructure that serves our society. Bolted connections remain as one of the critical elements that affect plant integrity and reliability. Speed, accuracy and safety must be controlled to provide certainty demanded in the energy industry.

Hydraulic bolt tensioning is the “best in class” technology that provides the highest level of accuracy, safety and productivity on critical joints across the Oil & Gas and Power Generation marketplaces. Bolt tensioners can be used on a variety of application, such as heat exchangers, reactors, pipe flanges, and blind flanges.

Hydraulic bolt tensioning provides the reliability required by delivering precise bolt loads to your joints. In contrast to bolt torquing, where a single bolt is being actuated which results in troublesome crosstalk, hydraulic bolt tensioning can deliver simultaneous bolt load and gasket compression across the joint, as up to 100% of the bolts can be tensioned at once. This helps ensure zero leak start-ups, keeping your operations safe and profitable. You can also avoid potential delays and rework, as hydraulic bolt tensioning drastically reduces the likelihood to gall the threaded fasteners.

Bolt tensioners also keep your workforce safe as they are a hands-free technology. Once the bolt tensioning system is placed on the joint with interconnected hoses, the operator can step back and activate the tools from a safe distance with a hydraulic pump. This helps prevent serious hand injuries that can result from alternative methods that use back-up wrenches. It also keeps only one worker on the tools at once, avoiding issues that arrive from miscommunication between multiple operators in the noisy environments that we work in.

For topside applications, INTEGRA Technologies’ patented TALON™ auto-retract tensioners (ART) are used to ensure your workforce has technologically advanced tools that are safe and easy to operate. The auto-retract feature helps combat working fatigue and improves productivity during long shutdown and turnaround shifts. Furthermore, TALON™ ART Tensioner, has been designed with fail safe features to reduce and eliminate hand injuries associated with other hydraulic tooling.

For subsea applications, INTEGRA Technologies’ SeaStallion™ Subsea Tensioners are the industry’s choice for reliable, safe, and easy to operate subsea tensioning equipment. The scalloped split reaction nut allows for better grip and confident handling, particularly ideal when you’re dealing with damaged subsea nuts. The 30mm extended piston stroke on the SS2 through SS7 models and piston over-stroke prevention improves diver safety and productivity.

Since 1986, INTEGRA Technologies, recognized today as the leading expert in bolting joint integrity, has pioneered the use of hydraulic bolt tensioning services in the Oil & Gas and Power Generation marketplaces across North America and we continue to be at the forefront of the technology today.

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