Decommissioning & Subsea Cutting

The Claw™: 40-Ton Grapple


The Claw™ by INTEGRA Technologies has been designed to pick up debris from the ocean floor. Hydraulic powered claws can pinch, pull or drag heavy objects and pick up multiple pieces of debris the same time.

the claw subsea removal


Accompanying Power Unit :

Connected by means of umbilical hoses running from the Power Unit to the Hydraulic Powered Hose Reel.

Versatile Attachment :

Can be fitted to provide a point where material handling equipment can connect to the object for movement.
Can also be used as a point for tie down, allowing heavy items to be held firmly in place with the use of ropes or chains.

Large Size and Load Capacity:

Maximum load is rated to 40 tons. With a hydraulic power requirement of 2500psi, The Claw™ can pick up objects with a diameter of 0″ – 48″

No Need For Slings:

Allows the diver to stay away from fallen, unstable wreckage.


24″ Diameter in 9 Seconds. Flat.

The SCORPION™ Shear provides a fast and safe option for removing structures in decommissioning projects offshore.

scorpion claw



Durable and easy to use cutting up to 24” diameter structures in 9 seconds.


Once the diver has guided the shear into place, control of the shear is taken over topside allowing the diver to move to a safe area while the cutting in taking place.

Complete Package:

Shear package comes with a diesel power pump and hydraulic reel with 500ft umbilicals.


Weighing in at 12,500 lbs and 18″ x 14′ x 7′, the SCORPION™ Shear can be used to shear items such as 1-Beams, Hand-Rails, Conductors, Pipelines, Tubings and Casings.

BTC™ Undersea Cutting System

Faster, Better, and Safer.

The BTC™ Undersea Cutting System, provided by INTEGRA Technologies / Cutting Edge Services, has proven ideal for the challenging world of Offshore Platform Decommissioning and related subsea work.

subsea cutting


ROV Friendly:

Remotely controlled system that is highly efficient, hydraulically driven, and uses diamond wire for cutting structures above or below water.


Installed and monitored by divers or by an ROV, the wire speed, cutting rate and clamp pressure, and flow rate are all controlled from the surface using a topside power unit or ROV pilot.


No need for chains or come-alongs.

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