Diamond Wire Saw

Safe and Fast
Topside Power Unit or ROV Pilot
Large Size and Cutting Range

BTC Undersea Cutting System

Faster, Better, and Safer.

The BTC Undersea Cutting System, provided by INTEGRA Technologies / Cutting Edge Services, is ideal for the challenging world of Subsea Cutting and Debris Removal.

The BTC Undersea Cutting System is a highly efficient hydraulically driven machine that uses diamond wire for cutting structures above or below the water. The diamond wire suits the environment of the Offshore industry and provides safe and fast cutting for any type of material in a single operation.

The BTC diamond wire saw is installed and monitored by Divers and the wire speed, working pressure and flow rate is controlled from the surface using a Hydraulic Power Unit. It also easily adapts to ROV Operations.

All of INTEGRA’s subsea cutting and debris removal products can be run from the same power unit eliminating the need to use up additional floor space with extra power units.