Industry Tested. Industry Proven.

The VIPER™ was chosen as the best in class ROV bolting solution for the world’s largest subsea ROV repair clamp ever delivered.

Increase Bolting Simplicity.

The field-proven VIPER ™ design & process allows for deep water ROV bolting to be completed in record times without adding complex tools.

Viper™ | Simultaneous Bolting System
VIPER™ Features
Simultaneous bolting. Topside or subsea.
VIPER™ Simultaneous Bolting System has proven performance in the industry.

The innovative and field-proven VIPER™ ROV Simultaneous Bolting System was developed from the industry need to greatly increase the speed and accuracy of ROV bolting. With boat and ROV costs at a premium, the VIPER™ system provides significant returns by decreasing the bolting execution time from days to a few hours – no matter how many bolts are being loaded simultaneously.

When operated by ROV on the Gulf of Mexico pipeline repair clamp at 3500ft water depth, the entire bolting procedure took under 6 hours.

Patented – US Patent #7,673,849 and Worldwide.


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