We’re excited to launch the Velocity Washer™

We’re excited to launch the Velocity Washer™: a patented technology designed to give you 5x faster breakouts. Learn more in our brand-new 2 minute video:

Velocity Washer™ is installed just like a normal washer. To install, simply place the Velocity Washer™ on the stud. Due to its symmetric design, it can’t be installed in the wrong orientation, delivering the simplest installation.

You then torque the nut on using standard procedures: there are no special tools. Just put them on and go.

To breakout, all you need to do is turn the nut 12 degrees to the left. The Velocity Washer™ will pop and all load will be removed, allowing the nut to the easily run off, and giving you a breakout that is 30x faster than ever before.

With the same assembly, torque up, and breakout procedures as standard washers, you’re not locked into a system. You benefit from reduced downtime, less manpower, and predictable time savings. Velocity Washer™ provides the same load distribution benefits as using a traditional hardened washer and meets ASTM F436 specification for material, hardness, and fitment.

Velocity Washers™ are ready to go – straight out of the box. No costly engineering analysis or change of work procedures – just put them on and get it done 30x faster.

In the example featured in our “How It Works” video, twelve 1.375” B7 studs are loaded at 51,800 pounds / 42 ksi bolt stress on an 8” 900# ANSI B16.5 flange. Disassembly with only took 70 seconds.

Velocity Washer™ removes all load in less than one stroke of a torque wrench, regardless of bolt size. Imagine what it could do for your large capital equipment. What would you do with that extra time?

Rethink your breakout… with Velocity Washer™.