LeakSeek™ Saves Major Refinery Millions of Dollars

LeakSeek™ saves major refinery from replacing multi-million-dollar equipment and substantially lowers power consumption

Edmonton, Alberta (February 14, 2017) –

Refineries in the oil and gas industry often face challenges related to air demand and end-use issues. To tackle these problems, major North American refineries have turned to INTEGRA Technologies. Rather than immediately investing in expensive new compressors, they have adopted an “air energy audit” approach using LeakSeek™ Ultrasonic Leak Detection technology. This innovative solution allows for precise identification of air losses and potential fixes across the plant, providing a cost-effective alternative to equipment replacement.

Conducting an Air Energy Audit:

INTEGRA Technologies begins by conducting a comprehensive energy audit using LeakSeek™. By employing this advanced technology, we are able to detect significant failures within the instrument air system. The audit reveals issues with air actuators, regulators, connectors, cracked lines, fittings, valves, and yard air. It becomes evident that the challenges faced by refineries are often the result of multiple small issues rather than a single large problem.

Understanding the Impact:

To understand the impact of these issues, the energy audit is conducted in various areas of the refinery. The results highlight the number of leaks and estimate the air losses in each section. Three key areas of loss are identified: valves passing or failing due to age and style, air actuator failures, and fitting leaks. The data is presented in informative charts, providing a visual representation of the losses in the instrument air system and the utility air system.

The Benefits of the Audit:

Based on the findings and subsequent repair and maintenance of identified deficiencies, refineries gain several benefits. Firstly, the evidence from the air energy audit allows them to reassess the need for a new compressor. Pinpointing the deficiencies enables refineries to address their end-use problems, keeping up with demand while increasing plant efficiency. This, in turn, leads to a significant reduction in power consumption. Additionally, the audit provides a baseline for implementing an ongoing in-house program to effectively manage air system performance.


LeakSeek™ Ultrasonic Leak Detection technology provided by INTEGRA Technologies offers refineries a cost-effective solution to address air demand issues. By conducting comprehensive energy audits and utilizing advanced detection methods, refineries can avoid costly equipment replacement. The benefits include increased plant efficiency, reduced power consumption, and the establishment of an ongoing performance management program. To leverage the advantages of LeakSeek™ for your refinery, contact INTEGRA Technologies today and discover how we can help optimize your operations.