Refining of petroleum is a capital intensive industry and on-line uptime is critical to getting the return on capital that allows for future investment and investor returns.

To keep assets on-line and producing efficiently and safely, the industry invests hundreds of millions of dollars on maintenance and turnarounds. There are several facets of these activities which impact the dollars spent keeping these assets in production:  industry wide loss of skilled labor, scope creep, time on tools and productivity loss, and one of the most costly, the potential for additional lost production.
bolt tensioner
The industry needs Certainty of Outcome, which allows for more accurate scheduling. When combined with the positive leverages of increased productivity, safety, and built in skill, Certainty of Outcome delivers repeatable results and cost improvement.

Fortunately, technology can produce positive leverage on these issues. Technology which has the required experience built into its design, which can provide a multiplier effect to increase productivity while increasing safety.

The maintenance process for a large portion of these assets begins and ends with disassembly and reassembly.  INTEGRA Technologies delivers Certainty of Outcome through its INTEGRA Engineered Products. Patented products which have industry proven results:

  • Velocity Washer™ for high speed nut removal;
  • TALON Auto-Retract Tensioners™ as best-in-class tensioners providing safety, reliability, and speed;
  • BlackHawk™ High Temperature Hydraulic Nuts to provide simultaneous hands off bolting with 95% accuracy;
  • Pop-Washer™ to eliminate galling on your critical bolting applications; and
  • Viper SBS™ ROV operated bolting for subsea applications

These innovative technologies are focused on achieving significant results of zero leaks, zero delays, and zero accidents. On your search for technology to increase productivity, safety, and return on assets, get in touch with us to discuss our many technologies to support your goals.