Flexitallic and INTEGRA Technologies introduce the world’s first Total Joint Integrity company.

The bolted joint isn’t just “nuts and bolts.” There are over 120 variables per flange that can either help you perfect your seal or lead to joint failure, and you don’t just have one flange. You have hundreds in a unit and tens of thousands in a plant. This means that in any given facility there are millions of variables that could cause joint failure – and if something goes wrong on a critical flange, the results could be catastrophic.

Who is staying up at night to make sure your joints are safe? Who is accountable for your Total Joint Integrity? In the current paradigm, no one is. Product and service providers point fingers at one another based on isolated areas of expertise throughout the life cycle of the joint.

But that’s about to change.

Flexitallic, your top-of-the-line provider in high quality gasket technology, is acquiring INTEGRA Technologies, your go-to service and product provider for ensuring bolted joint integrity – creating the world’s only one-stop shop for ALL your Total Joint Integrity needs. From mechanical considerations such as gasket selection and flange surface quality to procedural factors such as load application, data collection, and leak detection, this acquisition ensures that every phase of your bolted joint’s life cycle is covered by experts you trust.

Flexitallic and INTEGRA Technologies, working together to meet your total joint integrity needs, are bringing bolted joint support to the future.

Stay tuned for our upcoming articles of the ‘Total Joint Integrity’ series that shed light on what Total Joint Integrity is and how INTEGRA Technologies and Flexitallic will achieve it together.

Power to the future.

Stay tuned for Part II!