What is Total Joint Integrity? Many service and product providers protect individual components of your critical piping, joints, or flanges. But who covers every aspect of your bolted joint’s life cycle?

The bolted joint isn’t just “nuts and bolts.” There are over 120 variables per flange that can either help you perfect your seal or lead to joint failure. And you don’t just have one flange. You have hundreds in a unit and tens of thousands in a plant. This means that in any given facility there are millions of variables that could cause joint failure – and if something goes wrong on a critical flange, the results could be catastrophic. Who is staying up at night to make sure your joints are safe? Who is accountable for your Total Joint Integrity? In the current paradigm, no one is. When something goes wrong, product and service providers point fingers at one another based on isolated areas of expertise.

But that’s changing.

Flexitallic, your top-of-the-line provider in high quality gasket technology, has acquired INTEGRA Technologies, your go-to service and product provider for ensuring bolted joint integrity – creating the world’s only Total Joint Integrity company.

Total Joint Integrity means each phase of the bolted joint’s life cycle is monitored by experts you trust, bringing you zero leak outcomes on all your critical joints. And it starts with engineering analysis. INTEGRA Technologies has the engineering experts ready to analyze your flanges to ensure that they are fit for use.

Our in-depth analysis informs the sealing process, helping you select the right gasket for your application, industry, and product type. Flexitallic’s top of the line gasket options and world class engineering team can work together to ensure your sealing solutions meet your needs.

The right gasket will only get you so far without proper flange condition and bolt load, and that’s where INTEGRA’s mechanical services come in. From pipe isolation for weld testing, to flange facing to ensure proper gasket sealing, all the way to assembly and tensioning to ensure the proper bolt load is applied, our mechanical services can get you to production faster.

When you have your own craft labor to complete the job, you can rely on INTEGRA to rent you exclusive specialized equipment like our industry-leading TALON™ Bolt Tensioner.

And if none of our off-the-shelf bolting equipment fits your application, our world-class Engineered Products team can create simple, bespoke tools to meet your exact need such as our patented Velocity Washer™.

While the flange is in service, INTEGRA Technologies provides full-service leak detection and repair (LDAR) to track the hundreds of thousands of potential leak paths throughout your facility. From initial tagging and route mapping to quarterly field-based data collection and reporting, INTEGRA provides full environmental program management.

Each step of our process has one thing in common: data. INTEGRA Technologies captures all data throughout the life cycle to provide you with advanced analytics and predictive maintenance to protect your workers, community, and our environment. This allows us to interconnect the joint monitoring process: from worker to management, and from plant to Digital Cloud.

And that information feeds right back to engineering analysis, which uses the data and experience to target your unique needs more effectively with each pass through the life cycle, bringing Total Joint Integrity to your facility and ensuring zero leak outcomes on all your critical joints.

Flexitallic and INTEGRA Technologies, working together to meet your total joint integrity needs, are bringing bolted joint support to the future.

Power to the future.