As the leaders in custom tensioning solutions with over 30-years of in-field experience, INTEGRA Engineered Products has developed the TALON™ Auto-Retract Tensioner. To get to the point, not all tensioners are created equal. TALON™ ARTs are designed to deliver the best-in-class tensioning experience.

Tensioning inherently provides superior safety benefits to torqueing, especially related to hand injuries. In addition, TALON ARTs provide increased safety versus alternative tensioners as oil will never impact the operator regardless of position due to purposeful design features:

  • In case of Outer seal failure – The oil exit path is dissipated inside the spring cap; keeping the operator safe.
  • Inner Seal Failure – The oil exit path is dissipated inside the tensioner; operator safe.

Higher Temperature Seals
The unique seals of the TALON ARTs enable use in hot situations alongside INTEGRA’s hot tensioning procedure.

With automatic piston retraction, the TALON ART can get more done in a shift while lowering Operator fatigue.

Produced in North America
INTEGRA designs, builds and supports the TALON ART line of tensioners in-full from North America. Questions can be answered right away and problems can be remedied quickly by our talented engineers.

With over 30 years of experience tensioning hundreds of thousands of flanges, INTEGRA’s unmatched training and knowledge provides our partnered customers with safer, faster, more predictable and accurate loading of their bolted flanges.
Contact us today to learn about our standard line of TALON ARTs or a custom solution to tackle your toughest issues.

Operating pressure (Max 21,750 psi) and stroke (3/8” max stroke)
Bolt size range ¾ – 4”
Fits all standard ASME flanges
Automatic piston retraction

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