“This Application Feature highlights the use of BlackHawk™ High-Temperature Hydraulic Nuts on reactors to achieve predictable, fast, and accurate; assembly, disassembly and operational-reliability!

The application itself is eight large reactor units at a major North American oil and gas refinery. The operator installed Blackhawk™ Nuts on both the top and bottom cover-plates of each reactor. The Blackhawk™ Nuts replaced the standard heavy hex nuts that were torqued in the past. The reactors have an operating-temperature of 490 degrees Fahrenheit. Each cover-plate flange consists of 24 2¼ inch B-16 bolts.

All studs on the cover plate are loaded simultaneously using hydraulic pressure to achieve a safe, reliable, and accurate final load of 290,100 pounds.

To start, BlackHawk™ Hydraulic Nuts are installed on existing studs. Hydraulic hoses are attached to distribute the hydraulic pressure which is applied through a pump by the operator. The pressure produces a force that stretches the bolt. The locking collar on each hydraulic nut is then turned until it contacts the nut body. All hydraulic pressure is then removed from the system and the bolt load is held mechanically not hydraulically. Then the hoses are removed, followed by the hydraulic nipples, and the holes are plugged. that’s it! Accurate pressure is applied in one simultaneous pass.

To remove the BlackHawk™ Nuts the process is reversed using the same fast, reliable, and safe procedure.

The refinery decided to utilize BlackHawk™ Nut technology on their critical assets to ensure certainty of outcome. This certainty was delivered in a number of ways.

Reliability! In this application, the top benefits to the refinery our reliability and predictability.

Their previous method of bolting had caused them headaches in the past by creating significant time-delays that affected their bottom line.

By utilizing the Blackhawk nuts the job was done right every time, for both assembly and disassembly.

Speed! Not only were they able to get the job done reliably with their own manpower, but assembly itself only takes 55 minutes a significant time savings versus torqueing. Complete disassembly is even shorter, only 45 minutes to finish all bolting work and have the cover-plate ready to be lifted.

Safety! The refinery also keeps their personnel safe by using BlackHawk™ Nuts. Being a completely hands-off technology: the risk of pinch point injuries associated with torquing is eliminated!

Accuracy! To keep operations running safely and leak-free, every refinery needs the highest level of certainty of outcome, and in this case: it’s provided by precise boatload accuracy. There is no guesswork when it comes to BlackHawk™ Nuts. Whatever bolt load you require this patented technology will deliver by a simple activation of a hydraulic pump. This ensures zero-leak operations and eliminates the potential for galling. No more risk of stuck-studs that can lead to cost overruns and potentially compromised asset-integrity due to over sized holes.

In summary, BlackHawk™ Nuts provide this refinery with certainty of outcome by enabling them to predictably shorten their critical path schedule during turnaround projects. Being custom-made for your specific application: they could do the same for you!

BlackHawk™ engineered products by INTEGRA Technologies: Faster, Better, Safer!

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