“In this INTEGRA Technologies™ How It Works video, we will briefly cover the operation of the SeaStallion™ Subsea Tensioner.

Assembly is started by sliding the SeaStallion’s™ hydraulic load-cell over the stud-bolts until it comes in contact with the flange. The quick-split reaction nuts are then placed on the SeaStallion™. Once closed on the stud-bolt, the quick-split reaction nut is turned until securely in contact with the mating tapered-portion of the hydraulic ram. All tensioners are then securely connected together with quick-connect hydraulic hoses.

The SeaStallion™ Subsea Tensioners are now assembled and ready for the bolts to be tightened.

You then apply the specified hydraulic pressure which actuates the hydraulic load-cells and simultaneously places load across the flange to all the interconnected SeaStallions™.

Using a tommy-bar, you then turn down the drilled hex nuts (which are accessible through the hydraulic load cell window) firmly onto the joint-surface. Tool pressure is then released.

The bolt tensioning procedure is now complete.

If 100% tensioning was not utilized, the SeaStallions™ can now be disassembled and reassembled on the remaining bolts to be tightened.

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