We’re all looking for ways to increase operating productivity, profit margins, and safety. What if you could assemble and disassemble a bolted joint faster, better, safer, and with less manpower?

Well, here’s how:

BlackHawk™ High Performance Hydraulic Nuts! A field-proven and breakthrough technology that significantly speeds up turnaround maintenance on your critical equipment. To start, BlackHawk™ Nuts are installed on existing studs in place of the standard hex-nut. Quick-connect hydraulic hoses are attached in series to each BlackHawk™ Nut and then connected to a single hydraulic pump. With the BlackHawk™ Nuts connected together in a closed hydraulic circuit: the operator safely activates the hydraulic pump to the desired pressure in a hands-free tightening process. The pump pressure produces a force that stretches the bolt evenly across all BlackHawk™ Nuts. The bolt-load is then locked into place by turning the locking collar on each BlackHawk™ Nut by hand until it stops. The operator steps away from the flange and releases the pressure from the pump. Then hoses are removed followed by the hydraulic nipples, and the holes are plugged.

That’s it!

Accurate bolt-load is applied to all studs in the joint in one simultaneous pass with greatly increased safety to the operator. To disassemble the BlackHawk™ Nuts, the fast assembly process just Illustrated is simply reversed. Since BlackHawk™ Nuts rely on hydraulic axial pressure to load the joint instead of turning the nut: the fear of galling is completely eliminated! Say goodbye to bolting discovery work that plagues the turnaround schedule. BlackHawk™ Nut shave been field-tested and proven in many applications. Users see immediate benefit with drastic reduction of flange-assembly and disassembly times. Also a significant increase in boat-load accuracy. BlackHawk™ Nuts provide the user with certainty of outcome by providing predictable scheduling for critical path-joints during turnaround projects. INTEGRA Engineered Products: faster, better, safer!

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