In October of 2018, a hydraulic torque wrench 1-1/2” square drive failed during operation.

The wrench was being used to breakout and unload a standard 1-7/8” B7 bolt on a 24” 600# boiler manway.

Subsequent examinations and tests performed on the failed part included Scanning Electron Microscopy and Fractography, Atomic Emission Spectroscopy as per ASTM A751, metallography, 10x to 500x magnification optical microscopy, and hardness testing.

The final analysis of the primary cause of failure was due to fatigue crack growth followed by ductile overload fracture; thus, it was not the result of single-use overload failure.

With these findings, INTEGRA® Technologies has implemented industry-leading safety and inspection procedures to identify fatigue pre-cracking before large-scale crack propagation may deliver similar outcomes. INTEGRA® Technologies now performs ASTM E165/E165M-based Liquid Dye Penetrant testing and inspection on all square drives. These procedures and safeguards eliminate potential issues before becoming safety hazards.

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