INTEGRA Technologies offers a full suite of offshore and subsea services, rentals, and products including:

1) Decommissioning & Subsea Cutting: Diamond Wire Saw, BTC Self Clamping Saw, The Claw™, Scorpion™ Shear

2) INTEGRA Engineered Products: VIPER™ ROV Simultaneous Bolting System, Pop-Washer™, Velocity Washer™, SeaStallion™

3) Services: Controlled Bolting, InSpec™ Field Machining, AquaPlug™ Pipe Isolation, SealChek™ Leak Detection

4) Rentals: Bolting Equipment – Torque and Tension – SEAStallion™, Ancillary Equipment, BlackWidow™ Nut Splitters, Flange Pullers

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