“INTEGRA Technologies is proud to be an ASME Authorized Training Provider, offering the Bolting Specialist Qualification Program.

Through online courses and hands-on training, this program is designed to train and evaluate a bolters ability to inspect, assemble, disassemble and tighten bolted-joints in and effective and safe manner, as outlined in Appendix A. ASME PCC-1.

The program consists of two parts.

In part one of the ASME training course, candidates will complete four online courses with multiple choice reviews. This training and assessment is designed to improve your knowledge of the principles of procedures involved in bolting.

In part two, candidates will participate in a hands-on tool demonstration and testing. This training will be located at an INTEGRA Technologies training facility near you or at your office or plant using INTEGRA’s mobile unit. This part of the program is delivered in a one day training session where you review, observe, and demonstrate actual tool-handling and safety principles.

Candidates who successfully complete the online courses and pass the online examination as well as the hands-on instructor’s evaluation, will receive the ASME Certificate for the Qualified Bolting Specialist.

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