“In this INTEGRA Technologies How It Works video outlines the Velocity Washer™, which is a patented technology designed to give you five times faster breakouts!

The Velocity Washer™ is installed just like a normal washer.

To install, simply place the Velocity Washer™ on the stud. Due to its symmetric design, it can’t be installed in the wrong orientation, delivering the simplest installation!

You then torque the nut on using standard procedures. There are no special tools, you just put them on and go!

For breakout, just turn the nut 12 degrees to the left: the Velocity Washer™ will pop, and all load will be removed, allowing the nut to be easily run-off and giving you a breakout that’s 5 times faster than ever before!

With the same assembly, torque-up, and breakout-procedures as standard washers: you’re not locked into a system! You benefit from reduced down-time, less manpower and predictable time-savings.

The Velocity Washer™ provides the same load-distribution benefits as using a traditional hardened-washer and meets ASTM F 436 specification for material hardness and fitment.

Velocity Washers™ are ready-to-go straight out-of-the-box.

No costly engineering analysis or change-of-work procedures. Just put them on and get it done five times faster!

In this example, 12 1 3/8 inch B7 studs are loaded at 42,000 PSI bolt stress. Disassembly only took 70 seconds!

Velocity Washer™ removes all load in less than one stroke of a torque wrench, regardless of bolt-size.

Imagine what it could do for your large capital equipment.

What would you do with that extra time?

Rethink your breakout with Velocity Washer™”

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