“Hi, my name is Patrick Bussieres. I’m the operation manager for the Edmonton office for INTEGRA Technologies and today we’re going to talk about the finish of a flange for different type of gaskets.

So today the different finish we’re going to see is a 125 to 250 usually this RMS is utilized for this type of gasket, it’s a ‘spiral wound’ gasket. It’s the most common in the industry.

Also, I’d like to show you here the RTJ gasket. Usually this is used for higher-pressure flanges and we have to utilize the RMS 60 which is a finer finish, to have a better seal between the two flanges.

Usually a customer always ask for about the 125 to 250 RMS so today we are going to show you an example here: The machines already set up, it’s ready to go. So, the most important thing is one you want to make sure the machine is level. So, when you cut this part here its even with the rest of the flange here. The Reason why is we need to make sure we within the codes with ASME and we also want to make sure the machine is centered to the flange. So you get the best finish as you can there.

So we have installed the cutting tool, then she’s going to go counter-clockwise. We’re going to go for an RMS between 125 to 250. So we’re ready to go!

So we’ll turn the air on and we’re going to cut some chips, there!

Now, after the flange is done, we’re going to go over the comparator here. Is it a guide to show you what kind of finish you get. We’re going to try to go between finish RMS 125 to 250.

So we’re going to put it beside it. And, if we look here, the 125 this is more towards the 250.

And, if you look at the 250, still 250 is a bit more rough, and this one’s a bit the smoother.

So, I think we in good shape here. We are right in the center between 125 and 250, and we’re good to go!

So, the next step here is the quality assurance. The customer is going to come look at and it make sure it is within spec by the codes.

And when It is approved, we can go ahead and install the flange with the proper gasket and bold the flange to the proper load.

Thanks for joining us today and if you have any questions, any concerns, please get in touch with us, we would be happy to help you!”

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