“The Pop Washer™ is a device you want to know about because it could save your organization a lot of time and money. Pop Washers™ do something that no other product in the market can do and that’s completely eliminate costly and unscheduled maintenance delays caused by seized nuts, and here’s how:

Pop Washers™ are installed under the nut like a regular washer. The nut is then torqued as usual. The benefits of the Pop Washer™ are realized when the bolts are disassembled. Nut seized when they’re loosened under load! The solution to preventing seized-nuts is to not turn the nut under load but turn the Pop Washer™.

A standard socket and wrench is fitted over the Pop Washer™ and in a tenth of a turn the Pop Washer™ releases all the load in the bolt. This is evident by the gap that opens between the Pop Washer™ and the nut. With the load and the bolt instantly released, the nut turns without galling!

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