“Here at INTEGRA Technologies, we have been a part of the Alberta Energy Market for 18 of our 30 years.

We participated at every level of new construction, commissioning, maintenance, and leak-detection and reporting.

In Alberta, we have successfully executed on numerous major new construction projects beginning in 1999 with Nova Joffre E3, Suncor Millennium, Syncrude UE-1, and Nexen Long Lake.

Over 14,000 flanges were fully documented through our FlangeTrak™ program, delivering full traceability and the data to improve long-term reliability for the operators.

Our commissioning services have been utilized on numerous projects, most recently at IOL Kearl Lake, where we got them safely up and running on schedule.

Across North America INTEGRA has put together some of the most complex projects in the world. Such as offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and the world’s biggest nuclear power plants.

INTEGRA’s suite of specialized services include; Controlled Bolting, where we introduced hydraulic bolt tensioning to North America in 1987, field machining such as flange facing, pipe-cutting, and pump base milling, isolation-testing utilizing our AquaPlug Double Block-and-Bleed system, and leak detection with our LeakSeak ultrasonic testing to support facility commissioning.

All Integra services are performed by expert technicians that have extensive cross-training to help supplement your existing crafts on-site.

Our extensive inventory of rental equipment can support projects of any size highlighted by our InBox Tool Rental Solution Trailer located right on-site with all the tools you need to keep your project moving efficiently.

Experience, technology and capacity!

INTEGRA has when a project needs to deliver zero defects, zero accidents, and zero delays.

Call us today and ask how we can bring certainty of outcome to your project.”

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